Frequently Asked Questions

What solvents do you use in your production process?
We use only 200 proof food grade Kosher ethyl alcohol only under very cold temperatures to extract our oils.
What terpenes are used for your distillate?
We do small batch strain specific extractions, and use the Original Terps ™ from these strain specific sources to add flavor and terpenes back to our distillate. We maintain the cannabis integrity of the distillate with the original plant material to deliver a smooth and unadulterated flavor and vaping experience.
How do I troubleshoot a non-working cartridge?
Ensure that the battery is fully charged, and that there is a clean connection between the cartridge and the battery.
What kind of batteries do you recommend for cartridges?
We recommend a 510 threaded SmartPulse battery, or a standard 510 threaded battery with 350 mAh, and no higher than 4.3 volts.
Where do I buy cartridges or Disposables?

Our cartridges are sold at exclusively adult-use recreational dispensaries in Colorado. Please check our Locations section of the our website.

I have a different question. How can I ask it?

Either check out our Strains page or feel free to Contact Us!